Cell Biophysics and Statistical Physics

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Summer term 2022

  • Lecture: Networks and non-equilibrium processes

Winter term 2021/2022

Summer term 2021

  • Lecture: Networks and Stochastic Processes

Winter term 2020/2021

  • Seminar: Stochastic Processes and Networks in Biology (Prof. Dr. Erwin Frey and Prof. Dr. Benedikt Sabaß)
  • Lecture: Zoologie I+II (with Prof. Dr. Straubinger)

Summer term 2020

  • Lecture: Stochastic Networks

Earlier teaching activities

  • Cologne University 2018 - 2019: Lecture "Statistical Physics of Soft and Biological Matter“ (with Prof. Dr. Gompper) 
  • Cologne University 2018 - 2019: Lecture "Computational Soft Matter Physics" (with Prof. Dr. Gompper)
  • Cologne University 2017 - 2018: Seminars "Biophysical Applications of Stochastic Thermodynamics" and "Biophysics of Bacterial Systems" (with Prof. Dr. Krug, Prof. Dr. Maier, Prof. Dr. Berg, Prof. Dr. Bollenbach)