Cell Biophysics and Statistical Physics

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Join the group

Don’t hesitate to contact us via email if you are interested in joining our group. Inquiries and applications can be sent to b.sabass(at)lmu.de.

Postdoc position: open topic

We have a vacant position for an experienced postdoctoral researcher from biology or physics. In general, we are seeking researchers with experience with at least one of the following subjects

  • Modeling of stochastic systems (theoretical biophysics),
  • Advanced microscopy, e.g., confocal/STORM, and microfluidics (experimental biophysics),
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa genetics (microbiology).

Please send us an application including a motivation letter, CV, and a list of your publications if you are interested in joining our group.

Ph.D. position: theoretical biophysics

Currently, we have an open Ph. D. student position for studying fundamental problems in theoretical biophysics. Our topics involve stochastic dynamics, network theory, and some information theory. For this work, Ph.D. candidates require solid knowledge of statistical mechanics, some experience with computer programming and a keen interest in theoretical concepts and analytical calculations. Excellent communication skills in English are expected. Applications should contain a motivation letter, CV, and copies of your certificates and your Master's thesis.

Ph.D. position: experimental biophysics

We offer a Ph. D. student positions in experimental biophysics with an emphasize on super-resolution microscopy methods for quantifying cellular micromechanics. You will work in an interdisciplinary environment consisting of physicists and molecular biologists, providing you the opportunity to gain experience in many different techniques, ranging from microscopy, image analysis and microfluidics to cell culture and microbiology. To participate in our work, Ph.D. candidates require excellent communication skills in English, laboratory experience, and some understanding of biology. Applications should contain a motivation letter, CV, and copies of your certificates and your Master's thesis.

Opportunities for undergraduates and Master’s students

Are you interested in learning how to use methods from theoretical physics to approach biological questions? A range of interesting theory projects is available for students. Simply write us an email to inquire about summer projects, internships, or available thesis projects.

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