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Second phase of ClimateCow receives BMBF funding

More great news for our contribution to stop climate change! The second phase of our project for the development of a food additive to reduce methane emission from ruminants is funded by the BMBF.


Methane emissions from ruminants contribute significantly to global warming. By comparison, global cattle farming results in annual methane emissions that are equivalent in climate impact to the total greenhouse gas emissions of the USA over the same period. Effective methods to reduce methane emissions from livestock can therefore contribute significantly to mitigating global warming.

Within the framework of the bioeconomy strategy "Next Generation of Biotechnological Processes - Biotechnology 2020+", with a focus on developing bioeconomic solutions for the sustainability agenda, the exploratory phase of ClimateCow will pursue a product idea for the livestock sector. We aim to develop a novel feed additive based on combinations of active ingredients that were already established in preliminary trials. Regular administration of the feed additive reduces methane production in the cattle rumen and at the same time increases digestive efficiency, so that the animals have to consume less food for the same output. Thus, an economic incentive is provided for the use of the feed additive.